Underwear and Underneath

Rachel had been pleasantly surprised with how everything was turning out. Her audition, as well as the callback, had gone swimmingly and now it was a matter of time until she heard something from Santana. Things at home were finally settling down. Quinn’s modeling career was taking off again; her underwear line billboards were set to be released at any point. Things were gradually falling back into place.

The brunette had been unable to get Quinn’s song out of her mind. She’d listen to it at least daily, sneaking the sound file onto her phone. Deep down, Rachel knew that this needed to be out in the open. Maybe then, the press wouldn’t continue to snap pictures of the couple when they chose to go out together. When the blonde told the singer that her billboards would be released soon, Rachel knew there wouldn’t be a better time to release the song. It was just a matter of how. She had been wracking her brain most of the day in an attempt to figure out the perfect release strategy; the only practical way was definitely through social media. She just hoped the blonde would still be alright with the idea of the song being out in the public.

Now, Rachel paced back and forth in their bedroom waiting for the blonde’s return. She had been getting ready for the past hour for the party Santana had insisted on having to celebrate the premiere of Quinn’s underwear modeling. She had yet to see any of the pictures from the shoot, the blonde arguing that Rachel pretty much saw the same thing every day at home, and was anxious to see the end results. Walking back into the bathroom, she finished up the last minute touches on her makeup before going back into the bedroom to hunt for her shoes. 

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    "Worrying can be good sometimes just because you’re being cautious, but there are time to throw that to the wind," Quinn...
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    Rachel was pulled from her thoughts by a curious blonde. She smiled softly, having been caught deep in thought for the...