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Rachel was bubbling with excitement about the impending vacation. She was ready to spend a week with Quinn and Santana away from the city, away from the people, and away from any sort of stress brought on by any of their work. Hopefully this vacation would bring the three of them closer together and make Quinn feel even more comfortable with herself in the process.

Santana was currently at a shoot that had been rescheduled from a few days prior, much to everyone’s dismay. The brunette was thankful, however, that rehearsals for Spring Awakening didn’t start for another two weeks while they finished up casting Melchior and a few other roles. This gave her plenty of time to kick back and relax.

Skipping into the bedroom from the living room, Rachel grinned over at the blonde who was currently looking through the closet. She crossed the room, slipping her arms around Quinn, resting her chin on her shoulder “Is it too soon to pack? I’m all anxious.”

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    "Yes," she murmured softly. "I want to go out with you two and celebrate." Kissing the brunette softly, she slid her...
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    "Really?" she grinned, lifting her head to smile up at the blonde, "I would love for us to go out to dinner." Rachel...