A Surprise Visit || Faberry

Rachel had left home relatively early that morning, needing to be at the theater for a video tour of their dressing rooms for a Broadway website. She and Jon both gave tours of the backstage area, a walk through their daily routines and Rachel took the time to show off the plethora of pictures of Quinn and Santana, her fiances. She was sure that by the end of the interview the audience would have no doubts about her engagement and she liked it that way. 

But now, she only had a little bit of time to kill before she needed to be on stage and she really didn’t want to get back out in the cold to head home for just an hour. So, she pulled out her laptop, flipping through netflix before finally settling on one of the cheesiest medical dramas in the world. She’d been casually texting Santana and Quinn all day, enjoying the effortless conversation from her busy girls. 

A knock on the door caught her by surprise and the door opened to reveal the gorgeous blonde. She immediately closed her laptop, tossing it to the other cushion on the couch and jumped up from her spot to envelope Quinn in a hug.

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    Quinn smiled, kissing Rachel again. Hugging her close, she rubbed her back slowly. “I love you,” she murmured softly....
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    Rachel turned her head slightly, kissing her palm. “I’m glad you took the risk,” she whispered, her finger continuing...