Video Games || Faberry

Rachel was frustrated, to say the least. The silly little character on the screen kept running into the wall and she couldn’t, for the life of her, figure out how to turn him around so she wouldn’t keep getting shot at and being killed by the ‘other team’. The brunette was curled in a ball, underneath the throw blanket from the couch, and still in her pajamas as she tried, desperately, to teach herself how to maybe be a little bit alright at whatever game was in Quinn’s playstation at the time. 

Santana had left for some more New Years Eve damage control - crazy young kids thinking that getting plastered and making some mistakes wouldn’t damage their career. Her dads wanted to take the little man for a walk through Central Park to admire how it looked in the winter so that left Quinn, still asleep in the bedroom, and Rachel, a little restless and very determined to ‘win’ the game.

She’d finally managed to get herself unstuck from the wall and she clapped excitedly, only to have the character die in the time she had taken to set the controller in her lap. 

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    Rachel, herself, jumped slightly as Quinn did the moment the bark shook her from the amazing kiss. A slight pout pulled...
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    Quinn grinned to her, kissing her skin. “Likewise,” she murmured softly. “I’m extremely happy.” Smiling, she lifted her...